The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.
— Jason Crandell

We believe that yoga presents a beautiful opportunity to bring life into balance. It’s a safe haven that’s yours to return to again and again, not only as a way to move your body, but as a space to reflect and nourish the heart and soul. A session on the mat is a generous gift of self-care; time that is uniquely your own.

We see a pace of life today that is is full of competing priorities that can leave us physically and emotionally depleted. This is often compounded if we experience difficult events in our life, leaving our bodies and minds to feel an additional burden of stress. Yoga presents a wonderful opportunity to gently reframe and realign these concerns.

At Soul Haven; Yoga our heated, purpose-built studio has been thoughtfully designed to enable us to offer a diverse range of classes. Together with our team of experienced teachers, this allows us to offer a variety of different styles of yoga and meditation, seven days a week. 

Above all else, we are an inclusive studio and yoga community that welcomes everyone who comes through our doors. We believe there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ time or space to practice; our version of perfection lies in simply showing up and creating your own space to re-balance.

In Spring 2019, we enter a phase of transition for our studio. We bring an incredible community with us, with whom I am looking forward to sharing our new philosophy and offerings. If you’ve not ventured to the studio recently, I warmly invite you back. Likewise, if you’re new to yoga, or thinking of giving it a try, we look forward to meeting you soon.



Director, Soul Haven; Yoga